Leaving traces

This phase of our Giardino del’Eden project occurs at the same time as La Biennial de Venezia spectacle.  I took the opportunity to cross post in the analog world, by carefully  inserting our event postcard (designed by Cynthia), into strategic positions in the city, here at the entrance to the Arsenale venue.  One garden view juxtaposing another. biennale postcard sign

postcard text side

In a city overtaken by visitors, leaving only ephemeral traces or pointers to the garden area through plant design influenced stencils seems relevant for me.  Working quickly with salt and hand cut stencils, we marked key thresholds to the garden gate or the site of our temporary fabric installations.  One visitor from the UK partially found us through these hints.  It was nice to see, when returning an hour or so later, the wind and foot action had transformed the patterns into new forms, much as time and weather, imprints itself on so many of the built structures.

3 stencils sm

artichoke gate

We left a temporary artichoke influenced calling card at the gate to the Giardino dell’Eden through which we were unable to pass on this trip .

canal artichock stencil

Photos by Kelly Thompson, taken May 19 and 20, 2017



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